19 JUNE 2007: The Moon Upstairs on KXLU

The Moon Upstairs will be guests on KXLU's popular psychedelic radio show "She Comes In Colours", Monday June 25th , hosted by DJ's Dr. Frederick Phases and Minister Alvin X aka NOBODY (Plug Research/Rough Trade Records).

Past guests have included Sean Bonniwell of The Music Machine and Peter Daltry of Kaleidoscope. Tune in to hear Moon members spin their personal favorites, talk about their new album, and to hear tracks off "Guarding The Golden Apple."

If you're in the greater Los Angeles area you can tune in to 88.9FM from Midnight to 2:00am (June 25th)(PST). If you are outside of the area you can tune in to the show on www.kxlu.com.

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